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Why choose us?

We can prevent deed and mortgage fraud before it happens to you


No subscription or recurring charges. You pay a one-time fee and REncrypt handles the rest


Cryptographically secure title preotection for individual owners, or any other corporate structure


Our "Zero Trust" system virtually eliminates the ability of criminals to steal your equity

Deed and Mortgage Fraud is One of the Fastest-Growing Financial Crimes

Protect your investment

Land records have moved online so criminals can steal your title from anywhere in the world. By registering a fraudulent deed, these criminals can steal the equity that you've spent years building up in the blink of an eye.

Secure your equity

The REcrypt system locks your property's equity in your name before someone can steal it. Other identity and title protection services can only try to alert you after your title has already been stolen.

Stop crimal entry

REcrypt knows how the real estate industry works and knows the weak points that criminals exploit. By protecting these weak points, we can make sure the criminals can't get through.

Identity theft protection

Protection by REcrypt means that only you can unlock your title and authorize a transaction. If anyone else tries to impersonate you, our system sends an alert and you get notified of the attempt.

Recrypt Can Prevent Deed and Mortgage Fraud Before it Happens to you.